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The Equality Action Youth Apprentice Project

The Equality Action Youth Apprentice Project

26th Sep 2022

This Summer, the Rank Foundation supported the creation of the Equality Action Youth Apprentice Project,  which was delivered over six weeks, involving 30 young men aged 14-17. 

The project was designed to empower young people through fun and meaningful activities including fundraising events, workshops, and educational trips. It covered themes including entrepreneurship, project planning and delivery, local charities, local history, and social media and marketing.

The Equality Action Youth Apprentice Project saw young people planning, marketing and running their own fundraising project. They chose to raise money for a local charity through a car wash and charity dinner. The event raised £555, which they used to to buy items for the local food bank.

Participants also enjoyed a residential trip to Scotland, which included team-building activities and learning new skills. One of the young people who attended said, "The thing that stood out to me the most was the bonfire because we got to support each other by talking about our life problems, sharing experiences and listening to others."

Overall, the young people enjoyed the project, eagerly carrying out tasks, showing initiative, learning new skills and taking on the challenges of being on camera.

Equality Action are proud of what our first Youth Apprentice Project group achieved and are hoping to look at more opportunities to engage and empower young people in the future. We would like to thank the Rank Foundation for their generous award and Hameed Miah and Akkas Miah for making this a success.

You can watch our Youth Apprentice Project showcase video here Apprentice Youth Project (FULL VIDEO) - YouTube


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