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Peace Project 2017

Peace Project 2017

19th Jan 2018

The Peace Project 2017, organised by Equality Action, was an Erasmus+ training that gathered 30 young volunteers from different parts of Europe to discuss themes related to local, community-level work for peace.

This was funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme and took place in Loughborough from 17th to 24th September 2017.

During these eight days in a small English town Loughborough, we learned about cultural and religious diversity, root causes of extremist thinking among youth, and ways to improve intercultural, interfaith dialogue in communities. The trainers highlighted non-formal learning as the most effective and in the end, most common way to gain knowledge and competencies. It showed in practice in different plays and games, workshops, group discussions, lectures and visits. On top of learning about the key themes and methods, we got chance to make friends across Europe, familiarize ourselves with different cultures and worldviews from Latvia to Macedonia or from Hungary to Italy, to spend time together, go out, tourist around in the medieval city of Nottingham, share some thoughts, experiences and ideas for the future projects.


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