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Loughborough Mela 2017

Loughborough Mela 2017

17th Aug 2017

Hundreds of residents gathered for the 17th Loughborough Mela on Sunday, August 13, musicians, dancers, drummers, food vendors and hundreds of residents, gathered in Market Place for the annual event. The 17th Loughborough Mela started with a bang as a DEA Dhol drummer walked round the square, filling the air with music and gathering dignitaries on his way. The Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Pauline Ranson, and consort, husband Trevor, took to the stage to open the popular event.

Speaking on the day, Councillor Ranson said: “Loughborough Mela provides an opportunity for people to meet together, to support each other and strengthen the community spirit existing in the area.”

R&R Productions, an energetic dance group that uses bright fabric props, kicked off the line-up of acts that comprised singers, dancers, performers and talented individuals of all ages. At no point in the day was there not a large crowd of applauding residents around the stage.

Chair of the Loughborough BID Lez Cope-Newman said: “Loughborough has great diversity, culture and heritage, and it’s all here. It just gets bigger and better.”

Kevin Ryan, director of Charnwood Arts, said: “We’ve been involved as partners since the first Mela 17 years ago and I’m delighted to see the support it continues to get.”  

Representing the Mela coordinating group, Mike Jones commented: “It’s wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves in the spirit of mutual support.

“They set a great example to the leaders of this world from the way that countries and communities can work together in peace and harmony.”

Our thanks to Charnwood Borough Council, The Community Foundation (funders) and local voluntary agencies including Charnwood Arts, Equality Action, John Storer Charnwood and committed individuals who worked tirelessly to bring this annual event to town.  We are always looking for volunteers to help so if you are interested in next year’s Mela which will be on Sunday 19th August 2018 contact us on loughboroughmela@gmail.com

Mela article courtesy of Loughborough Echo.


For more Mela photos visit our facebook page Loughborough Mela Face Book Page


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